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Taxidermist Near Me ? 

Our shop is located on 21 Acres in Ripon, Wisconsin.  We are located on 37th Avenue, which is a very rural county road several miles North of Ripon city limits.  The road splits two counties.  We are at the bottom South West tip of Winnebago Cty.  37th Ave, borders Winnebago and Green Lake County and Fon du Lac County is only 80 Acres to our South.  

When you pull in our driveway at 326 37th Ave, the driveway immediately forks.  Take a right at the fork.  Our shop is NOT located up at the house.   So... turn right and go "down" the hill to the metal buildings.  The shop is the second building you come to.  The entrance is located on the South side of the building, but the walkway/approach to the entrance is on the West facing wall.  For winter/snow reasons, use that approach, that is where we will snow blow.  The door is at the end of that approach facing South.  

Note : We do not get great cell reception in that metal building... so try me several times, or knock and come on in!  Appointments ONLY! 

Also NOTE: USE CAUTION on the driveway coming down the hill.  It get's very slippery in the winter time and can be dangerous due to the hilly nature.  Please drive slow, especially on your initial approach / entrance to the property.  The driveway drops off steep if you were to slide off!  Travel at your own risk...


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Bird Zone Taxidermy


Jeff Herrick

Vice President, Wisconsin Taxidermist Association

Owner @ BZT

326 37th Ave

Ripon, WI 54971

Winnebago County

Email :

Phone : 920-602-7977

IsTexting Ok? Yes Indeed

Please call ahead with Olivia for a drop off or pick up appointment.  We would not want you to make a special trip and we not be on site.

Jeff Herrick, Owner

Vice President, Wisconsin Taxidermist Assc.


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