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Pricing & Turn Around Time


Call Olivia to schedule incoming and outgoing work......920-602-7977



1. Your specimen recently thawed, read below on this subject

2. Deposit cash or check, made out to Bird Zone Taxidermy

3. Your WI DNR Customer ID Number, also any out of state info

4. Date and location of harvest

5. Print out of your desired pose

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Bird Zone Taxidermy is one of the largest DEDICATED bird taxidermy shops in Wisconsin. The proofs in the pudding!  See and compare our commercial work, you won't be disappointed.


Waterfowl Taxidermy Classes & Training

3 Day Waterfowl Class, hands on, mounting 3 of BZT's birds... with lunch provided each day.  This covers the entire process.  Then on day four, you mount your own bird to take home with guidance by Jeff, answering questions as you go: $1500

Lodging Available : $75 per night, We close our shop for four days and you spend your nights in our showroom with a full bath, shower, fridge, microwave, water cooler, etc..


Ducks: $575

King & Common Eider, Scoter, Golden Eye, Red Breasted Merganser : $600

Pacific Eider & Common Merganser : $650

Open mouth : $30 

Custom head cast for rare species : $125

Ceiling hung : $25 


Snow, Blue, White Front, Cackler, Brandt & Ross : $650

Canada : $800

Canada : 10 pounds or larger $1200

Open mouth : $35

Custom head cast for rare species or warty Ross geese : $125

Ceiling hung : $50 

Upland game birds & other waterfowl

Pheasant, Grouse, Chukar, Hungarian Partridge, Quail : $575

Wood Cock, Snipe, Moorhen & Rail: $600

Sage Grouse and Prairie Chicken : $650

Open mouth poses : $30  (if available)

Custom head cast for rare species  : $125

Ceiling hung : $25 

Swans & Sandhill Cranes : $1800 

Open mouth Swan : $35 

Open mouth Sandhill: ask for custom quote...

Ceiling hung : $75 

Miscellaneous species

Peacock : $1500

Chickens: $999

Ornamental Pheasants : $650 

Birds of prey with proper permits ONLY : $1500 (100% Payment Due Up Front, No Exceptions) (Do not call with birds of prey without first securing a permit.  Birds of prey can not be possessed by the public, only governing bodies and certain types of educational facilities can posses these birds)

Pet birds: We do not mount pets.


Most poses full body : $1500 flying 15% additional

Open mouth turkey head option : $75 

Ceiling hanger mounts & poses : $100 

Due to the chemicals and risk of bacteria associated with a taxidermy shop, no meat is returned, all meat is properly disposed of.  DO NOT attempt to remove any meat or gut the bird.  Doing so could ruin the chance at a quality mount.  

We use freeze dried turkey heads, hand painted red white and blue. 

Any custom paint scheme requests are an additional $150, no exceptions to this rule apply


$500 Additional for wing shingling

$500 Additional for breast shingling

Our full strut pose does NOT include shingled breast or wing feathers.  It will be a smooth breasted bird.  Shingling means standing the feathers up.  The back feathers will be shingled in strut poses and that is included in the turkey price. 

Turkey Tail

Tail, beard on wood plaque.  Includes 2-3 rows of back feathers if provided $200

BZT removes tail and 2-3 rows of back feathers from your carcass: $50 We recommend you remove meat prior to this service as can not return your meat.

Tail, beard, spurs on wood plaque : $225

Tail, beard, spurs, wings on wood plaque : $600

How to decide on a pose or position of your bird?

Picking out a pose can be one of the most rewarding and fun times.  Options are endless.  When deciding what type of pose you would like your bird displayed in, please keep in mind, LIVE REFERENCE photos.  This means actual photos of live birds.   Using a taxidermy photo is not ideal.  Using live reference photos is easy and accurate!  Will it look exactly like the photo of a live duck that you find?  No... each bird has it's own genetic make up such as feather length, loft, color, size, etc.  However, having this live reference photo will get your artist an accurate anatomy canvas to pose your bird!  Also consider where the bird will be displayed when picking your pose. Will it be on the wall, table top, hanging from the ceiling, etc? 

How do you handle a poor specimen for mounting?  Our goal is to prevent this by having you bring us the bird semi-thawed for inspection upon drop off.  Sometimes it's still not possible to know until we have at least skinned the bird.  However, if that is not possible or for some reason does not happen and the work is signed and scheduled...the following applies.  Naturally we will not know the true condition of your bird until we remove and thaw it ourselves.  If we encounter major pin feathers, rotten smell, feather slippage, or serious damage that will yield a less than desirable mount, we will inform you immediately.  If the bird is not mountable, you will receive a refund of your deposit, minus $40 (covers our time skinning & starting to flesh, and or the missed time due to having only that bird thawed for that days work)  Having this happen does cost us money, as we only have one bird in a thawed state at a time.  It puts a kink in our busy schedule.  By no means do we want this to happen, but please understand it's a small concession for time spent. 


Are you licensed?

We are both Federally and State licensed!   Don't make the mistake of choosing a taxidermist to mount your migratory birds that are not fully licensed to do so.  Ask and look it up to be sure!

Can I use my own driftwood? 

Certainly!  If you supply your own wood, please ensure that it is bug free.  All driftwood must either be deep frozen for 6 weeks, bleached, or baked in a kiln in order to ensure no bugs are present that WILL eventually EAT your mount!  You may not see them, but they are there!  

How to thaw a bird for my appointment?

How do you want me to bring the specimen to you? 

To be clear, you must freeze your bird asap upon harvest unless you are coming to the shop the same day.  If coming the same day, just place it in the refrigerator until you leave for your appointment.  The packaging part is covered in a video here.  Smart phones... scroll to the bottom of this page.  Web PC Viewers, the video will be at the top of this page.  Please watch the video to be sure you preserve the bird in the best possible way.  Then... the day before you bring us the specimen for your scheduled appointment, we want you to remove the bird from the freezer and just place it at room temperature.  Take it out at 9 pm the night before your appointment.  During the next day... check the bird and try to move the wings in and out.  Once that's possible, it's thawed enough... then immediately place it in the fridge until you depart for our shop.  Keeping it cool once the wings can move is important.  In order to properly consult you on your specimen, we need it semi-thawed.  It is the only way for us to perform a thorough inspection and discuss posing, damage, pin feathers, etc.  Do not thaw turkeys or upland birds such as pheasants, quail, grouse, quail, etc.  Bring these specimens frozen. 


How much do I pay up front?

We collect half of the contract amount at time of specimen drop off.  Special order items need to be paid in full at time of drop off such as base work, habitat, glass cases, coffee tables, etc... We then inform you when your mount is completed.  We fully expect a prompt pick up after completion.  We work hard for your trophy and expect to be paid in full upon completion.  Please  have your balance of funds available ahead of time, knowing your mount will be completed soon.  No mounts can leave BZT's possession until paid in full / no checks at final pick up time.  Cash ONLY at pick up please.  


What happens if I do not pick up my mount in a timely fashion? 

Any mounts not picked up within 14 days of completion notification will have a late fee of $50.  No exceptions apply unless in writing with BZT for a special circumstance.  Note... not having the money or being super busy are not special circumstances.  Call us if something is up and we can potentially discuss a longer plan with additional fees.   Any mounts not picked up within 30 days of completion notification will be the sole property of Bird Zone Taxidermy LLC.  It will be taken apart so we can re-use the materials to attempt to recover a fraction of our loss.  

Acceptable payment options at drop off?

Check, cash, credit card, venmo

Acceptable payment options at Pick up?


What is your turn around time?

Your turn around time will be estimated on the pink copy of your work order contract.  We are typically very good at estimating our work load.  It averages around 18 months.  However ..currently at the end of 2022 season, we are at a full 24 month turnaround.  We are not perfect.  This is an ART shop, we are not a high production facility.  If fast and cheap is your desire, we are not the shop for you.  


If time has elapsed past the estimated completion time on your pink copy of the work order, feel free to send a message for an update.  Otherwise, please DO NOT ask for updates!  We run a tight business calendar based on work out.  Asking for updates will not speed up your return.  This takes an incredible amount of time out of our day.  We promise you will be the first to know when it's done!  

Your bird will not hold it's place in the schedule until the initial half payment is received and cleared.  After 30 days, if your initial payment has not been received and cleared here at Bird Zone Taxidermy LLC, the specimen/bird will then become the property of Bird Zone Taxidermy LLC and will be disposed of.  No exceptions to this rule apply.  Bounced checks will result in an additional $30 Fee at time of bird pick up.  

Directions & Location Information : 326 37th Ave Ripon, WI 54971.  Our driveway splits, at the fork take a right, it's your second building on the left down the hill. The main service door is the door on the right side of the building as you approach with your vehicle.  Please do not drive off the gravel driveways.  There is a circle drive all the way around the shop building for exiting, no need to back up to turn around, just drive around the building.    Note, our shop is in a very rural area in big agriculture country.  We request that you PLEASE CALL AND SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT!  

Shipping Birds: BZT can accept shipped birds, BUT you must contact the shop and speak to Olivia or Jeff first!  DO NOT SHIP BIRDS WITHOUT CALLING!  

Wholesale Commercial Bird Taxidermy Services: BZT is NOT currently accepting commercial bird work from other taxidermists.  We are a FULL time bird shop but too busy with our current workload.  Please check back for future inquiries.  

Disclaimer : Our pricing can change at anytime without notice.  We make every effort to keep our pricing updated, however, final price will be discussed at time of specimen drop off with your taxidermist. 

EXPEDITED SERVICE : $150 Additional Gets Your Bird Completed in 90 Days  Guaranteed.  We have limited availability for this service.  You must ask if there is an Expedited slot available / please do not assume it's available.  If your bird will in any way negatively effect current completion dates on existing work, we will not grant the service or fee.  It's only fair to those in front.  However, if at the time you request the service, we happen to be ahead on the schedule.. or have a weekend slot available...we will discuss this in detail and likely grant your request!  Everybody wins.  

Are you full or part time in taxidermy?  BZT is a full time, professional, artistically motivated taxidermy shop.  We focus on high quality lifelike bird mounts and displays.  When you demand excellence... you come to BZT!  

Thanks all, 

Jeff & Olivia Herrick

Bird Zone Taxidermy, LLC

Ripon, Wisconsin, USA

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