Pricing & Turn Around Time



1. Your specimen recently thawed, read below on this subject.

2. Deposit cash or check, made to Bird Zone Taxidermy. (1/2 the amount)

3. Your WI "DNR Customer ID Number", also any out of state info.

4. Location and date of harvest of your bird.

5. Pose idea, photo printed out, black and white is fine. 

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Bird Zone Taxidermy Is One Of The Largest DEDICATED Bird Taxidermy Shops In Wisconsin! 


Flying, Standing, Swimming, or Dead Mount (Same Price)

Puddle Ducks : $415.80

Most Diver Ducks : $415.80

Small Sea Ducks / Old Squaws / Long Tailed Duck & Harlequins : $415.80

Eiders, Scoter's and Goldeneye's : $486.00

Mergansers : Red Breasted : $486.00

Mergansers : Commons : $486.00

Mergansers : Hooded : $415.80

Open Mouth Poses : $30.00 Additional

Ceiling Hanger Mounts/Poses : $25 additional

Habitat, Wall Bases, Rocks, Driftwood & More : We have a huge selection in stock in our showroom PICK ONE, prices listed!  We make it easy to decide! 


Small Geese (Cacklers, Brandt & Ross) : $486.00

Medium Geese (Snows, Blues, White Fronted/Specs ) : $550.00

Canada's (any size aside from Cackler) : $700.00

Open Mouth Poses / Additional: $35.00

Custom Cast of your birds head : $99.00 Additional (Used for rare species or warty Ross Geese for example)

Ceiling Hanger Mounts/Poses : $50 additional

Habitat, Wall Bases, Rocks & More : We have a huge selection in stock in our showroom as of 3-2020, PICK ONE, prices listed in the shop! 

Upland Game Birds

Pheasant : $415.80

Grouse : $415.80

Quail : $415.80

Wood Cock, Snipe, Moorhen and Rail: $486.00

Open Mouth Poses / Additional: $30.00 (if available)

Ceiling Hanger Mounts/Poses : $25 additional

Habitat, Wall Bases, Rocks & More : We have a huge selection in stock in our showroom as of 3-2020, PICK ONE, prices listed in the shop! 

Swans & Sandhill Cranes : $1500 

Open Mouth Poses : $50 Additional

Ceiling Hanger Mounts / Poses : $75 additional

Note on ALL MOUNTS:  Certain poses, such as radical wing poses, ceiling hangers and curled feathers will naturally end up costing slightly more as they take more time.  If you present a pose at time of drop off that presents some time challenges, we will do our best to inform you.

Pheasant Tail: $75 (Includes Wood), plus shipping of the plaque

Grouse Tail : $75 (Includes Wood), plus shipping of the plaque

Duck Tail : $75 (Includes Wood)

Novelty Items

Duck Tails : $50 (No Wood)

Duck Tails : $75 On Wood Backer

Pair of Duck Feet : $50 (Fully Preserved, Dried and Painted with lanyard)  

Duck Bill and Artificial Head : $60 (Fully painted and sealed artificial head, any species) Hang from your rear view mirror.  No skin or feathers)

Canada Goose Wings / Pair : $200 (No wood, wings only)

Duck Wings / Pair : $150 (No wood, wings only)

Duck Wing / Single / On Stained Hardwood Base : $99.00 (See Below Photo)

Goose Wing  Single / On Stained Hardwood Base : $150.00

Duck Rump / Rear Half Of Bird / Tail and Feet, 1/4 Body : $150

Goose Rump / Rear Half of Bird / Tail and Feet, 1/4 Body : $200


Any Pose Full Body : $1250.00 (Base and or Habitat is additional)

Open Mouth Turkey Head Option : $50 Additional

Ceiling Hanger Mounts/Poses : $100 Additional

Turkey Base/Habitat Basic Pricing Estimates & Examples

Artificial Tree Limb / Wall Mount : $150 to $200

Basic Walnut Oval With Dry Earth Scene : $200

Floor Pedestal With Minimal Habitat : $450-650 on average (Plus Freight)

Jeff was part of the FEW and first ever, Turkey Freedom Seminar with World Champion Shane Smith and Grand National Champ John Beard in August of 2019!  We hope to take Turkey's to a whole new level in our area!

Note: If your bringing me a full body turkey to mount, call me immediately after harvest.  There are things I want you to do to that bird right away.  For starters, don't get it wet.  Treat that bird with extreme care.  We do not want mud, blood or water on those feathers if at all possible to the best extent of your control.  I'll explain why in person.  We can do great things with your bird if you take amazing care of it!  I understand you will get some blood... blot that with some paper towels to keep it to a minimum.  Don't rub, or scrub, just blot to soak it up.  We will deal with the rest.  Also, wrap the head with a dry paper towel, then put a zip-lock bag over it and tape the plastic so it can't slide off the head.  This is just to catch and absorb blood coming out of the mouth, nostrils, shot holes, ears, etc.  This is important.  DO NOT TAPE TO FEATHERS... just tape the outside of the plastic bag you placed over the paper towel wrapped head, holding it tight so it can not fall off.

WE WANT YOUR TURKEY HEADS!  Please save us your heads!  Cut 4 inches below the biggest neck feathers you can find, so SKIN and major caruncles... (The warty protuberances on the head of a turkey are called caruncles. Technically, wattles and snoods are types of caruncles, but on turkeys the term usually refers to all the flesh that is not a wattle or a snood.)....then 4" below that point.  Cut, put in zip-lock, fill with water, freeze.  Just like you would fish fillets.  

Shingling of Wing Feathers (Make the feathers rise or stick up, more specifically the wing coverts or the small feathers that line up on the wing and or breast feathers) : $500 Additional for Wing Shingling

$500 Additional for Breast Shingling

Turkey Tail Fans & Mounts

Turkey tail fan and beard on a nice wooden turkey plaque.  $189.00 

Turkey tail fan and beard, with spurs on a nice wooden turkey plaque. $216.00

Turkey tail fan, beard and lower leg with spur & feet painted on a nice wooden turkey plaque. $253.80

Turkey tail fan, beard, spurs, and wings on a nice wooden turkey plaque. $405.00

Custom engraving available for your wooden plaques!  Call for quote! 


1. Harvest turkey.

2. If flopping... hold it by the feet, head down, until its done wiggling. ( safe first)  This step can be as important as all the rest.  Do not let your bird thrash it's gorgeous feathers, do not let other birds attack your dead turkey!

3. Take pics, high five, celebrate!

4. Admire birds beauty... open tail fan, enjoy the moment!

5. Then.... Time to work! Bring a large zip lock sandwich bag that has the following contents inside...

A. A large white trash bag

B. Four regular size white paper towels

C. One roll electrical tape

6. Take one paper towel... dab... (not rub) any visual blood on any feathers. Dab it.... then take that same paper towel, ball it up, open mouth, place it down into the throat.

7. Take the other three paper towels, wrap them around the outside of the head in a circular motion so the entire head is wrapped in white paper towel. 

8. Place sandwich bag over that same area, over the three white paper towels. Wrap that baggie with electric tape. A few times around will suffice.  Tight enough so the baggie wont fall off. It just puts pressure on the head so the bag and towels don’t fall off. Don’t touch electric tape to ANY feathers.  (this step stops the blood that comes out of the head from getting on the feathers)

9. Carry bird by the feet, over your shoulder.   Be careful not to break leg bones.  It will no longer drip blood.

10. Place in white trash bag loosely for the trip home, don’t seal that trash bag (yet)... just to keep feathers clean, dry and from getting scuffed up. Don’t travel with them in the back of a black bed pick up in the sun. Don’t travel with them in back of truck where wind tears the feathers up.

11. If possible... buy a big bag of ice... place bird in big cooler, put bag of ice in first (leave ice in the bag) then lay white trash bag with enclosed turkey on top of ice, shut cooler. This will keep your bird from spoiling or starting the decomposition process .

•Do NOT gut the bird...
•Do NOT breast it out...
•Do NOT attempt to skin the bird...
•Do NOT leave it out for long, get it in the white trash bag neatly... get into a chest freezer asap if you can't bring it to me immediately... see above instructions for time frames on this subject, examples above under drop box instructions!
DO HANDLE with extreme care!



NOTE : As of 2018 BZT Charges a 50% fee on top of any special order items from a catalog.  In the past we have tried to not up charge anything, but there comes prep work and time lost with these great products.  We have provided it at 15 % cost for some time, but moving forward we have to make something for our time spent on commercially purchased base work.  So we feel this is the fairest way to present it.  What ever the book price is, add 50%.  For example ; if we are ordering you a custom rock base from the catalog and the list price is : $37.50, your cost would be $18.75 additional plus shipping & tax.  This 50% covers our prep work, customization and time associated with getting your bird or habitat in sync.  It does not sound like much, but it adds up over dozens of birds and habitat displays.  It will help us.. help you! 

Example Items : Base Work, Wood Table Top Pieces, Habitat Materials, Rocks, Special Driftwood other than standard free offering, Trees, Grasses, Muscles, Snow/Ice materials, rocks, etc.  It does not count the standard driftwood that is offered at no cost with your base estimate. 


All pricing is tax Excluded / Tax will be added at the end. 

Note: We do not offer VOLUME discounts of any kind.  We get asked this question a lot.  We fill up completely every single year.  We still have to put the same effort, money and time into each mount.  Therefore, doing it for less only hurts....not helps.  To give you another analogy... If you worked for me and I offered you to work 80 hours this week instead of 40... would you work for "less" per hour since I'm giving you twice as many hours?  In the real world... you would get paid even more (time and a half) to work those extra hours, not less.  That's how it adds up in a Taxi-Shop.  Most just don't think of it that way.  So now you know :)  Thank you for your understanding and business!  



What's Included in that price?

All listed pricing covers the base taxidermy cost.  Habitat is additional.  However...a Ghost Hanger (Wire direct to wall method with two hole slots on a small metal plate, this method is designed to display a flying, dead or swimming bird with nothing behind it.  Sort of appears as if it's ghostly floating there) Ghost hangers are free of charge, unless agreed upon at time of drop off.  We want you to be happy with your trophy!  We have nearly 20 different base ideas on display in our shop for your to choose from.  You just spent time, planning, vision and likely lots of money to harvest that bird, don't let your base work lack what it deserves.  Experience shows that most shop price and not quality, art or conversation piece types of displays.  Remember, this bird will be on display for a lifetime!  Preserve that memory and pick a great habitat scene to really make it pop!  Make a statement, make people stop and stare and make it truly ART!  Lets pick out a nice habitat scene for your trophy together.  We can either custom make something for you or page through a supply catalog.  Display your trophy with class and be proud showing it off to friends and family for years to come.  We have unlimited choices and picking it out is half the fun! 

How to decide on a pose or position of your bird?

Picking out a pose can be one of the most rewarding and fun times.  Options are endless.  When deciding what pose you would like your bird  in, please keep in mind... LIVE REFERENCE.  Using other taxidermists mount photos is not the way to go.  For starters, it is their art and their interpretation of the specific bird they were mounting.  Using live reference photos from the internet is easy and accurate!  Will it look exactly like the photo of a live duck that you find?  We explain this in the next paragraph.  However, Google, Pinterest and Instagram will get you where you need to be in a big hurry! Also consider where the bird will be displayed..wall...table...etc.  

How do you handle poor specimens for mounting?  Our goal is to prevent this by having you bring us the bird semi-thawed for inspection upon drop off.  Sometimes it's still not possible to know until we have skinned the bird.  However, if that is not possible or for some reason does not happen and the work is signed and scheduled...the following applies.  Naturally we will not know the true condition of your bird until we remove and thaw it ourselves.  If we encounter major pin feathers, rotten smell, feather slippage, or serious damage that will yield a less than desirable mount, we will inform you immediately.  You will have two options at this point:

1. Receive a refund of your deposit, minus $35 (covers our time skinning & starting to flesh, and or the missed time due to having only that bird thawed for that days work)  Having this happen does cost us $, as we only have one bird in a thawed state at a time.  It puts a kink in our busy schedule.  By no means do we want this to happen, but please understand it's a small concession for time spent. 

2. Receive your exact deposit amount as a form of credit on your next specimen.  For keeping your $ with us, there will not be the $35 charge as in option one.  It simply get's rolled over as a deposit on your next specimen with us. 

Possession Information:

Note, we are a federally licensed business to mount and handle your migratory bird specimen.  However, keep in mind the rules and regulations in regards to possession.  If the bird is not yours to possess legally, please don't bring it in without the proper gifted paperwork from the person who harvested it and gifted you the bird.  Most are not aware of all the laws pertaining possession of a migratory specimen.  To make it easy, if you did not harvest the bird as a licensed hunter yourself... you need something in writing from the person who did harvest it... to legally possess it.  Our federal paperwork requires we collect this information and therefore we need to make sure you are prepared for that upon your appointment.  Thank you kindly for your cooperation on this matter.

We are Federal, State and Locally Licensed & Insured to mount Federal waterfowl!  Don't make the mistake of choosing a taxidermist to mount your ducks/geese that are not fully licensed to do so.  ASK and look it up to be sure. 

Custom Shadow Box / Dead Mount Displays / Antiqued and Sealed

(Note: BZT custom makes and designs custom dead mount displays for your trophies.  Do you have a youth hunter with a special trophy memory to preserve?  We can custom design and build a very special display with photos of your youth incorporated into the scene.  We can make and display custom plaques and engraving upon request.  Furthermore, we have (IN STOCK) vintage shot shell boxes, hunting signs, netting, marine and maritime décor, etc.  We will get you a special piece, just ask!  Take the time and spend a little extra to fully preserve and display special birds.  Youth Hunts, First Dog Retrieves, Last Dog Retrieves, Senior Hunts, Father Daughter/Son hunts, Mother Daughter/Son Hunts, Special Permit Hunts, Disabled Military Hunts (Ask for Special Pricing), AND MORE!

Small : $175 (Single Bird Only)

Medium : $250 (Approx. 2 diver ducks, or maybe 3 teal)

Large : $300 (Smaller Geese, Multiple Mallards or Puddlers)

Extra Large : $350 (Geese, Swan and Turkey Size)

Can I use my own driftwood?  Can a client bring in their own base work or driftwood?  Certainly!  If you supply your own wood, please ensure that it is bug free.  All driftwood must either be deep frozen for 3 weeks, bleached, or baked in order to ensure no bugs are present that WILL eventually EAT your mount!  You may not see them, but they are there!  

HOW TO THAW A BIRD FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT / How do you want me to bring the specimen to you?  To be clear, you must freeze your bird asap upon harvest unless you are coming to the shop the same day.  If coming the same day, just place it in the refrigerator until you leave for your appointment.  The "packaging" part is covered in a video here.  Smart phones... scroll to the bottom of this page.  Web PC Viewers, the video will be at the top of this page.  Please watch the video to be sure you preserve the bird in the best possible way.  Then... the day before you bring us the specimen for your scheduled appointment, we want you to remove the bird from the freezer and just place it at room temperature.  Take it out at 9 pm the night before your appointment.  During the next day... check the bird and try to move the wings in and out.  Once that's possible, it's thawed enough... just place in the fridge until you depart for our shop.  Keeping it cool once the wings can move is important.  In order to properly consult you on your specimen, we need it semi-thawed.  It's the only way for us to perform a thorough inspection/diagnostic and discuss posing, damage, pin feathers, etc.  


Appointment FAQ's

Please call ahead for an appointment.  Once a time is agreed upon, we kindly as you to please mark your Calendar and be on time.  With several appointments per evening... one person being 20 min's late puts the rest of the appointments behind and others waiting.  If your going to be late, please inform us via text or call asap at (920-840-4884).  Most of our in coming work and outgoing work is scheduled together on the same day of the week in 30 minute appointment blocks.  We do this because most stages of bird taxidermy do not allow us to stop for 30-45 mins and then re-start again with out making special concessions.  Therefore to keep up with demand on work load (the actual taxidermy process work) it's difficult to accommodate appointments 5-6 days a week or we would never get any work done.  We try to put as many appointments together on one day as possible.  This keeps us doing what your paying us to do... mounting your trophy.  Furthermore, you would think this goes with out saying, but if you change your mind... please just call or text and cancel.  It's no big deal.  It only takes a second, but at least we know your not coming and can schedule other work or people in your spot.  Just "no call / no showing" is a complete disregard for our time that we had set aside specifically for you.  Things happen, things come up... we get it completely... just let us know.  Thanks for your understanding!  So again, call ahead, set a time, be on time and bring the items listed above.  We would not want you to make a special trip to the shop and have us not be on site OR you be un-prepared and not have what you need.  Thank you!  920-840-4884, Bird Zone Taxidermy.  

How much do I pay up front?

We collect half of the contract amount at time of specimen drop off.  Special order items need to be paid in full at time of drop off such as base work, habitat, glass cases, coffee tables, etc... We then inform you when your mount is completed.  We expect and appreciate a prompt pick up after completion.  We work hard for your trophy and expect to be paid in full upon completion.  Please  have your balance of funds available ahead of time, knowing your mount will be completed soon.  No mounts can leave BZT's possession until paid in full / no checks at final pick up time.  Cash or CC only at final pick up.  Remember 3 % fee for CC's , we no longer accept Paypal. 


Failure to pick up your mount in a timely fashion.

Any mounts not picked up within 30 days of completion notification will be the sole property of Bird Zone Taxidermy LLC.  Likely it will be taken apart so we can re-use the materials to attempt to recover part of our loss.  Please, please, please... when we notify you that your mount is completed, make every effort to work with our time slots provided.  We are always more than accommodating.  We can NOT sell these mounts due to federal law so we are at a complete loss.  If they are not paid for and picked up within 30 days, they get taken apart to re-use the materials on another paying customers work.  No exceptions to this rule apply.  I've been asked, "this seems a bit harsh don't you think?"  Best way to answer that question is this to take your own career and imagine your check was not available on payday.  Your boss says she/he's; busy, out of town, tight on cash, just had to drop some money into her/his truck, etc.  That's about how it feels when we complete a mount and we get the run around on coming to get it picked up.  We know your life is busy, so is ours.  Please make your taxidermist a priority... whether it's BZT or anyone else....I promise you it will pay off in the end!  We will accept and do work for people that make it easy to drop off, pick up and get paid for our work.  If we have to chase you and ask five times to set an appointment to pick up your work... likely your going to fall on the bottom of any possible list.  Make sense?  It may sound harsh, but it's the harsh reality.  

PAYMENT OPTIONS, We make it easy for you!  

1. Personal Checks, at drop off only.  Make checks out to Bird Zone Taxidermy.

2. Cash (preferred) (Only method we accept at pick up/completion)

3. Credit & Debit Cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express) (3% Fee Added)

4. Venmo

5. Chocolate Chip Cookies  (Just kidding we don't accept cookies as payment, although we do accept cookies in general )

Note : Bounced Checks will result in an additional $30 Fee at time of bird pick up.  Also, no work will begin until the initial 1/2 payment is cleared.  Furthermore, your bird will not hold it's place in the schedule until that initial half payment is cleared.  Notice : After 30 days, if your initial payment has not been received and cleared here at Bird Zone Taxidermy LLC, the specimen/bird will then become the property of Bird Zone Taxidermy LLC and will be disposed of.  No exceptions to this rule apply. 

Directions & Location Information : The new shop as of 2019 is located at 326 37th Ave Ripon, WI 54971.  Our driveway splits, at the fork take a right, it's your second building on the left down the hill. The main service door is the door on the right side of the building as you approach with your vehicle.  Please do not drive off the gravel driveways.  There is a circle drive all the way around the shop building for exiting, no need to back up to turn around, just drive around the building.   Knock and enter, but shut the door quickly please.  Flies are my worst nightmare in the taxi shop.  We do everything we can to avoid them!  We just ask you enter and close the door quickly behind you.  Thank you!  Note, our shop is in a very rural area in big AG country.  We request that you PLEASE CALL AND SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT!  

Shipping Birds: BZT will gladly accept your in coming shipped bird.  We also can ship your completed work back to you upon completion and full payment.  Distance is no hurdle for us here at BZT, so just ask.  Best to call and speak to Jeff about this on a case by case, but in general, below is a description of best practices.  Even if you are local, shipping a bird into the taxidermist can be quick and painless.  Especially if you are on that hunt of a lifetime and are out of town.  Shipping to us will not be as expensive as you might think.  It saves a trip into the taxidermist, even if you plan on coming to get the completed work in person.  We can discuss details and posing etc, all over the phone and through texting or emails.  We will make it is painless as possible for you. 

How Do I  / How To Ship My Bird To The Taxidermist To Get It Mounted?  Freeze your bird with the head laid out on top of it's back, dead center in the back. Try to make accommodations for tail feathers, as not to bend or break them in the bag.  Using carding such as cut out pieces from a cereal box. or cardboard works great.  Tape your bagged bird (tape on the outside of bag) to a few solid pieces of cardboard to keep the bird flat and the tail feathers straight helps a lot!  (TIP: use larger 2 or 3 gallon freezer bags for extra room for tail feathers to fit)  Make sure it has been in the freezer for a minimum of 72 hours to ensure it's frozen solid.  Wrap the bagged bird up in some old fiberglass house insulation.  Take an appropriate sized box, fill the bottom with insulation, place bird in nice cozy nest of insulation, then fill more insulation on top, then seal box.  Bird should be completely surrounded by insulation.  Place your name, address, phone number, species of bird, location of harvest, date of harvest, and State issued hunting license or ID number on a tag, place in box with bird.  Tape ALL seams of the box with clear packing tape.  No air gets in our out this way.  Since you should only ship perishable items like this on a Monday, make arrangements with your post office to ship "PERISHABLE", via 2 day delivery or next day.  Only ship on a Monday.  If you have Spee Dee Delivery Service in your area, we strongly urge you to use Spee Dee.  Cheaper and more reliable than USPS.  Grab the tracking number and email it to


When we are completed with your bird, you are more than welcome to come pick it up, or we can return ship it (client pays all shipping & packing fees)  We will find the most efficient, but safe way to ship for you, based on what you have.    Note : It's best for the taxidermist to know if it will be being shipped back upon completion ahead of time.  There may be additional accommodations made throughout the mounting process that will aid in safe delivery. 

Wholesale Commercial Bird Taxidermy : We ARE currently accepting commercial bird work from other taxidermists.  We are a FULL time bird shop.  Please contact Jeff Herrick, 920-840-4884 or email us at for complete details.  

Disclaimer : Our pricing can change at anytime without notice.  We make every effort to keep our pricing updated, however, final price will be discussed at time of specimen drop off with your taxidermist. 

EXPEDITED PAY SERVICE : $150 Additional Gets Your Bird Completed in 90 Days Guaranteed.  We have limited availability for this service.  We have been reluctant to do so, but have finally added it under one condition.  You must ask if there is an Expedited slot available / please do not assume it's available.  If your bird will in any way negatively effect current completion dates on existing work, we will not grant the service or fee.  It's only fair to those in front.  However, if at the time you request the service, we happen to be ahead on the schedule.. we will discuss this in detail and likely grant your request!  Everybody wins.  

Once your mount is completed you will be notified via call, text or email.  Please make every effort to work with us to have that mount paid for and picked up in 14 days or less.  Any time after 14 days will be billed late charges per your contract.  We work hard for our money just as you do, its frustrating to to have to beg to be paid and get your mount picked up.  So please make it a priority to get a pick up appointment scheduled for SOONER than 14 days, much preferably less than 7 days.  And it pains me to have to say this, but if you have an appointment PLEASE be on time and show up.  No call No showing is a complete disregard for our time and it will only happen once.   If something comes up, just call or text us, we understand.  But simply not showing up is NOT AN OPTION PLEASE!  We sincerely thank you! 

Are we full or part time?  We were part time for 5 years, but as of December 23rd, 2020... BZT is a FULL TIME BIRD TAXIDERMY SHOP!  Why?  Because of all of you great customers, friends and family that have helped support and grow our small business!  We appreciate and love you all! 

Thanks all, 

Jeff & Olivia Herrick

Bird Zone Taxidermy, LLC