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August 21, 2020

Look at what an open mouth cast head can do for your taxidermy display!  An open vs closed mouth adds character, life and attitude into your avian art piece!  We charge a nominal fee for the slight extra cost to buy the open mouth and the extra paint work.  It's WELL worth it in the end!  Ask us at time of drop off if an open mouth would suit your desired pose!

Season is fast approaching!  Who's ready to bury 2020 and shoot some ducks?  Who's ready to make some "GOOD" memories to salvage whats left of this crazy year?...

This situation was unfortunate but things happen!  A former customer of ours had this Wigeon mounted a few years ago.  When he was moving apartments, his three year old daughter could not pass up how soft and fluffy it was!  She pulled out two large handfuls of feathers and skin and bent some of the positing of the duck.  If this ever happens folks, preserve the chunks of skin and feathers by immediately putting them in a zip lock, full of air... keep them fluffy!  This customer did the right thing and we were able to save this mount with a repair j...

September 27, 2019

  Hello BZT followers!  Exciting NEWS is upon us!  Bird Zone Taxidermy has moved to a new location!  We are now located in Ripon, WI, just west of the southern tip of Rush Lake!  We are only about 40 minutes from our former location in Neenah, Wisconsin.  It's a very rural area in big Ag country.  We are on 21 acres with a 30x50 building dedicated to bird taxidermy!  It's a neat little Hollow, we are coining... Herrick Hollow.  We are slowly but surely getting moved in and trying to create a new work flow norm in the new space!  God has been great t...

One of four entries for Bird Zone Taxidermy this year was a fast flying, flipping Green Wing Teal that we brought home from the 2019 Wisconsin State Championship show. This piece took a Choice Award in the Masters Division which was pretty neat and a first for me. The actual art portion

of taxidermy is a never ending learning curve. We often hear people say, "She's the best, or He does the best work around". What does that mean really? It's all relative of course. As one slowly grows in skill, it simply opens new doors for even harder technical criti...

February 28, 2019

We as bird taxidermist and memory preservation specialists... hear lots of great stories from our valued customers.  This story was not only a change of pace, but a welcome challenge!  A Snowy Owl had been found deceased in the play area of Sheboygan Christian School in Sheboygan, WI.  The school followed all proper protocol and had the DNR come to the site and issue a proper possession permit immediately and before handling the bird.  Once the permit was issued, we got a phone call to mount the bird for the school.  It was a great honor to get to w...

February 25, 2019

Olivia is excited to receive this award as a recognition of volunteering her time and talents to the WTA.  In 2019 she has picked up even more responsibility within the association and will now be heading up the Membership Division!  Olivia manages the books and back end of everything you see at Bird Zone Taxidermy, she does a great job!  There is a lot more than what is seen at face value when it comes to keeping straight taxidermy records and books, much less Federal Migratory Waterfowl records and record keeping.  She does an impeccable job and w...

October 3, 2018

Best way to package a bird for the freezer for your taxidermist. This video will show you the best way to preserve, wrap and care for ducks, geese, pheasants and other birds going to the taxidermist shop! Easy to follow video!

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2017 Wisconsin Taxidermist Association Rendezvous and Mini Competition

August 19, 2017

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