In Progress Shop Shots

Angle Wing Ross
Banking Blue Goose
Standing Ross 2
Standing Ross
GWT Flipping Upside Down
Goose Lot Drying
Banking GWT
Back Pedal Snow Goose
Black Duck Drake Flying Mount
Hen GWT Ceiling Hanger
Flaring Pintail Drake Mount
Ross Goose Mount Ceiling Hang
Flying Flaring Mallard Drake Mount
Dead Mount Mallard
Wood Duck 7-2018
Specklebelly Goose Flying Mount
White Fronted Goose Taxidermy
Shoveler Spoonie Flying Mount
Flying Hollywood Spoonie Mount
Best Flying Pheasant Mount
Blue Bill Drake Great Scaup Mount
Greater Scaup Taxidermy Head Mount
Dead Mount Hanging Pheasants
Dead Mount Pheasant Head Photo
Dead Mount Old Squaws
Black Duck Taxidermy Mounts
Black Duck Mount Standing One Leg
Black Duck Open Mouth Head Shot
Dead Goldeneye Taxidermy Mount
Inverted Snow Goose Taxidermy Mount
Ringed Teal Taxidermy Flying Mount
South American Ringed Teal Mount
Red Head Drake Dead Mount Rock Ice
Pintail Drake Tail Mount Taxidermy
Drake Pintail Mount Flying Bird Zone
Flying Hen Gadwall Mount
Backpedaling Gadwall Hen Mount
Drake Wood Duck Bird Zone Taxidermy
Green Wing Teal by Bird Zone Taxidermy
Mallard Resting
Harley In Progress
Ross Goose Sleepy
Bufflehead Drake Standing Pose Taxidermy Bird Zone by Jeff Herrick
Dead Mount Black Duck
Harley In Progress 2
Ross Goose Head Shot
Harley Skin
Mallard Drake Taxidermy Bird Zone
Mallard Green Head Taxidermy by BZT
Wood Duck Drake Bird Zone Taxidermy
Woodie Drake By Bird Zone Taxidermy
Blue Phase Goose Mount Bird Zone
Mallard Drake Taxidermy Mount by BZT
Wood Duck Drake Head High Pose
Half Strut Tom Turkey In The Grooming Drying Phase Bird Zone Taxidermy Wisconsin
Mottled Duck Drake Taxidermy Banking Pose
Bird Zone Taxidermy works a Greenie
Pheasant Taxidermy Wisconsin by BZT
Black Duck Solo Wing Mount by BZT
Dead Mount Mallard Bird Zone Taxi
Ross Goose Painted Head by Bird Zone
Red Breasted Merganser Cast Head
Wood Duck Shop Shot, Preening Pose
Bufflehead Drake Drying Process
Old Squaw Taxidermy Flying Fast
Wood Duck Drake Top View
Jeff Herrick of Bird Zone Taxidermy transforming a snow goose to THE ZONE!
Snow Goose Motherload
Crow Bottom View
Crow with Angel Wings
Crow Side View 2
Raw Wood Duck Skin Taxidermy Wiscons
Old Squaw Drake, Banking Hard Left
Old Squaw Drake, Banking Hard
Buffie Bufflehead Drake Taxidermy Standing On One Leg Bird Zone
Half Strut Tom Turkey, Showing Half Strut Pre-Set Tail
Turkey Body and Painted Legs
Show Room Bird Zone Taxidermy Neenah WI
Crow Taxidermy by Bird Zone Taxidermy, Jeff Herrick Artist
Old Squaw Dead Mount Hen
Pre Eye Rings
Stud Long Tail Drake Taixidermy
Old Squaw Immature Hen Ready To Assemble
We keep notes for a long time, reference and history are key in our shop!
Wood Duck Hen Pre Skinning
Crow Foot
Washed and Rinsing Mallard Hen Skin Taxidermy
Pre Positioning Helps For Future Vision
Custom Base Work By Bird Zone Taxidermy Driftwood On Octagon Base
Dead Mount Display In Process
Custom Dead Mount Display Working Its Way Through The Antiquing Process
Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again
Planning... always planning
Lousiana Mottled Drake Coming Up Today!
Helper and Mini Habbitat Maker Clayton
Greener Colored Bill, We can match it!
In Progress Aquatic
Flight Web
Feet Set On Base

Who we are....

Carters Black Duck, 2nd Duck Ever
Father Son Fun
Carters 1st Green Head
Jeff''s Black Duck 2017
Father Son Squirrel Hunt
Carter Herrick Spreadside
Father Son Old Squaw
Dad, Carter, Clayton Day
Double Trouble
Captain Carter of the Argo
Bonus Geese
Clayton Loves His Stuffies
Why I exist, God is good!
Squirrel Success
Family Rocks
Family Deer Hunt 2015
Growing Them Right
Dead Eye Carl
Carter and Grandpa
Jewelry, Thank you Jesus!
Banded Bird Zone
My Everything
Carl & Sturgeon 2016
Carter Glasses The Marsh
Mr. Clayton in the shop
Carter the Gangsta
Life Itself.....
11 Foot Gator, Florida
Old Squaw With Young Boy
God's Beauty, Lake Michigan
Spread in harmony
The Boy
The Bird Zone
Bird In Spread

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