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Alternate Ideas For Young Harvested Birds That Still Have A Special Meaning Or Memory Attached...

Just a quick thought today BZT fans. We often get asked what can be done with a bird/specimen that is not suitable for mounting due to extreme shot damage or early harvest... but still has meaning or special memories attached to it. For example :

Pheasant Tail Taxidermy Display with Photo Frame by Bird Zone Taxidermy, Wisconsin

- Your dog's first retrieve

- Your child's first harvested bird

- Your first harvested bird

- Your dog's last retrieve

- Special father / grandparent / grandchild hunts

- Banded birds

- Hybrid species

- etc

Take this example in the photo. This was an experienced hunters first bird. This customer has big game experience, but harvested his first bird later in life. This was a nice male ring necked pheasant. However, after further review the bird was full of pin feathers and early pin feathers to boot. This gentleman and his wife drove a long ways to get to our shop which we appreciated dearly. So... what can be done in instances like this?

Most upland bird species have decent looking or lengthy tails of some sort. Most ducks have at least some portion of it's anatomy that would look neat in an "out of the box" type of display. We will go the extra mile to help you figure at least something out and get you a way to preserve the memory, other than a Facebook post and a photo on your smart phone.

Come see us in Neenah, Wisconsin. We will get you going in the right direction. We hope this customer is happy as this was a complete surprise! This pheasant was his first ever bird and his dog's first ever flush. It was a really neat story and we hoped we preserved the memory for a life time!

Thanks for reading all! Have a wonderful day!

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