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2018 WTA Wisconsin Taxidermy Show

Red Head Drake, 2018 Show Piece

The 2018 show was a blast! We at Bird Zone met even more amazing artists at this event. What a great state we live in. Wisconsin surely has some amazing talent and when you mix that with our states heritage of being down right nice, old fashioned, big hearted people... you get an amazing gathering. If you did not get a chance to check out this years show, we promise to make a strong effort to blast out next years so you can attend. I will try my best to inform everyone in advance. It will likely be held again in Stevens Point, WI, in late February 2019! Thank you to all who attended and showed your support to the WTA! We can't do it without you!

This Red Head drake was a fun project to work on. He was purchased from a local game farm where he had to be put down due to being extremely ill. Although a sad story for the bird, we hope to have captured his majestic appearance to the best of our abilities.

The artificial water was a joy, time consuming... but a true joy to work on!

Please join us in 2019 for the WTA Championships!

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