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Work Flow In The Shop

We often get asked how we keep up with demand. The best answer is a really long answer.... I usually just say "hard work and goal setting"... but there is more to it than that. When it comes to art, there is more brain encompassing matter than just hard thinking and work ethic. Creativity takes time, effort, and mental capital to say the least. That being said, we typically do our birds in small batches, ten to twelve birds at a time. I find that if I go much larger, I start to bog down my mind and lose desired space for creative thought.

What does that mean exactly 10-12 birds to a batch? For starters, we don't have 10 birds opened up at the same time on the work bench, we just take one bird through a certain stage of the taxidermy mounting process... one at a time...until all of the birds in that batch have reached the end of that stage in the mounting process. Birds don't get mounted start to finish all in one day, or all in one fell swoop. They are broken down into different stages for time and precision purposes. So after we finish all ten on stage one of the process, then we move on to the next stage with each of the ten, then the next stage... etc.etc... until they are all completed, picked up and out the door. It's easier for us to manage from a paperwork, workflow and organizational standpoint. Not to mention the almighty over worshiped word in my shop.... is always key in my world! Every position I have ever held in my professional career has forced me to think efficiency with top quality in mind. This industry and artistic trade holds the same set of rules! We set goals and do what it takes to hit those goals. There are a few situations that come first.... Family and Health! Otherwise, we do what it takes to stay on schedule! That mindset has been a blessing for our family here at Bird Zone Taxidermy. My family stands behind our mission but knows that when family calls.... it's time for a break! Subconsciously it keeps me fresh anyways... you need to step back every once in awhile.

Each and every season brings new knowledge, experience and techniques. We are constantly studying and always eager to learn from others. If I'm not working, I'm studying reference and looking for subtle details in a birds flight pattern or the way he stands on a rock. The way she may lay down and stand back up. These small sessions of study pay huge dividends on the mounting stand!

Stay sharp BZT fans! 2018/2019 is going to be yet another stellar year!

God Bless and Shoot Straight...

Bird Taxidermy Shop Efficiency

But not too straight ... if you know what I mean... a couple of BB holes is fine by me! :)

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