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Hello BZT followers! Exciting NEWS is upon us! Bird Zone Taxidermy has moved to a new location! We are now located in Ripon, WI, just west of the southern tip of Rush Lake! We are only about 40 minutes from our former location in Neenah, Wisconsin. It's a very rural area in big Ag country. We are on 21 acres with a 30x50 building dedicated to bird taxidermy! It's a neat little Hollow, we are coining... Herrick Hollow. We are slowly but surely getting moved in and trying to create a new work flow norm in the new space! God has been great to us folks, we sure are blessed! Thank you all for your business thus far! We look forward to serving as many Wisconsin Waterfowl and Turkey patrons as we humanly can each year. For those of you who get the, "Sorry we are full"... we are sorry. It pains me to turn work away each year. But it pains me more to make promises I can't keep. I'd rather be up front with you and send you elsewhere than have your bird in my freezer for three years. We are a part time shop, as in I have a full time sales career job that I love and enjoy. I split that time with being a father, husband, engaged Christian and somewhere in there a hunter/fisher myself! So once our work schedule fills out for the year, we simply pull the pin and stop taking in work until we are caught up. Hope to see you all at the new place some day! Thanks for following! Have a safe 2019 season!

And yes... of course we saved the famous @BZTbaby stand up freezer you all know so well! We simply could not leave that behind! And a huge shout out goes out to a Mr. Robert.. who so graciously donated this amazing stainless steel Bird Zone sign! It's really cool and fits the new shop perfectly! See photo... Thanks Robert!

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